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Fundamentals of Particle Technology

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Expert System for Solid Liquid separation equipment selection and elimination


Define the slurry

1. Is the settling velocity of the solids to be captured
with reasonably high efficiency?
2. Is the feed solids concentration?
3. Is the feed liquid vapour pressure:
e.g. water's vp is 20 to 50 kPa at
between 70 to 80oC and 100 kPa at 100oC
4. Is the scale of operation:
5. Is the slurry, solids or the liquid toxic, flammable or explosive?
6. Is the emulsified oil present?

Define the process

1. Is the primary objective of the separation:
clarification of the liquid (i.e. as pure as possible) or
recovery, including concentration, of the solids?
2. Can chemicals be added to enhance the separation?  
3. Can expendable media be used?
Note, filter aid and cartridges cannot be used
if solids is your product.
4. In what form are the solids required?  
5. In solute recovery important;
i.e. dissolved components within the liquid?
6. Is the feed flow rate steady on an hourly basis?  
7. Should the solids output be: