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Permeability of a porous medium

A default set of data is already included in the following inputs for Sauter mean diameter and solid concentration, by volume fraction, of the solids medium to have its permeability predicted. Enter your values over the default ones

Two separate permeability models arre used for the calculation of permeability for the fluid flow through the porous medium: Kozeny-Carman approach (with a Kozeny constant of 5), and the permeability by Happel and Brenner. See the accompanying video for a description of these two approaches.
Note, these permeability approaches are for closely packed solids, i.e. at relatively high concentrations. If you want to calculate permeability at a low solids concentration, and especially in a moving bed such as during sedimentation, then please refer to the Hindered Systems (Chapter 6) section, for an alternative approach.
Estimate of solid concentration (i.e. 1 - voidage): by volume fraction
Sauter mean diameter of particles: microns

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