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Fundamentals of Particle Technology

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Conveying - Chapter 9

Pneumatic conveying

The video below illustrates pneumatic conveying in both dilute and dense phases:

An almost universal component of a dilute phase pneumatic conveying system is a rotary air lock valve:

Answers to problems

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying design - spreadsheet.

See the above spreadsheet for these.
Change only the cells with the yellow shading.

The largest pipe diameter provides the lowest pressure drop, but a larger volume of gas must be blown down it for the same velocity compared to a narrower diameter pipe. For a full analysis, you should consider both pressure and gas volume flow and provide an economic analysis including capital cost of the blower. At least this simple modelling approach helps to provide a format for such a design. However, it is only valid for dilute phase pneumatic conveying.


Conveying equipment suppliers

For an up-to-date list of conveying equipment suppliers please use the Google link below:
Google search for centrifuge suppliers