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Default values are given in the table below. Amend them to your values and then press the calculate button to see the predicted productivity.
You may use scientific notation for large numbers but please pay particular attention to the required units of the data entry.
If you need an explanation of any of the items then please use the hyperlink pop-up for that item.
Please note that you will need Javascript to be enabled for the pop-up explanations.
    Variable Value Units    
    Rotational speed r.p.m.    
    Centrifuge radius m    
    Inner liquid radial position m    
    Centrifuge height m    
    Slurry concentration % w/w    
    Liquid viscosity Pa s    
    Liquid density kg m-3    
    Solid density kg m-3    
    Filter medium resistance m-1    
    Compressibility coefficient (i.e. 'n' in table)      
    Alpha nought m kg-1 Pa-n    
    Concentration coefficient (i.e. 'u' in table)      
    Co Pa-u    
    Final simulation filtration time s    


You may alter any of these variables as you wish and then submit the calculation.


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